ATX 411: City of Austin Drops Back To Stage 3

Good Wednesday morning, its Frank here.  We have been going through this COVID-craziness for well over a year and a half.  From the city shutting down in April 2020, to the rise of the Delta variant in 2021.  Hitting as high as stage five as recently as June of 2021, the city of Austin has dropped back to Stage 3.

How often are you wearing a mask these days?  Have you chosen to get fully vaccinated,  or are you deciding to not.  Whatever your personal decision is, just make sure to respect others!  And we have ALWAYS washed our hands at a normal rate, correct??  (rhetorical)

Leaving you (as with each of my Vibe blogs) with a song that’s apropos for the occasion.  I’m thinking the days of staying six feet apart are in the past.  Let’s get closer!   Enjoy your Wednesday, Austin.


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