Jack Harlow Contemplates His Success

The Louisville, Kentucky native shared one of the photos from his first tour back in 2015 where he commented on the drastic turn his career has taken. The photo (taken in Birmingham, Alabama) shows Harlow performing to a crowd of around 20 people.


“This is a photo of me performing at the very first show on my first tour ever. I was in Birmingham, Alabama in January 2018,” Jack Harlow wrote next to a picture of him performing in front of about 26 people. “Tonight is the last show of the tour I’m currently on…and we are finishing in Birmingham. It’s sold out. Thank u.”


Now on his Crème De La Crème tour the “What’s Poppin’” rapper has gone on to sell out whole arenas with Drake even coming out to see him during his show in Toronto.

“Tonight was a dream come true for me for more than one reason,” Harlow told the crowd before leaving the stage. “First off, you sold this bitch out. Second, I was halfway through my performance when I looked up and I seen my idol looking at me, man… Toronto, make some noise for the GOAT one time.”

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